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There are such a lot of sweeteners, however rock sugar is the most well-liked in Chinese language cooking. We name it in lots of candy soups like crimson bean soup, desserts and even braised dishes like HongShaoRou. Get to know rock sweet and discover out what makes this sweet crystal so particular!

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What’s sweet sugar?

Sweet sugar (冰糖) is a sugar-based confectionery. The identify is predicated on the clear look. It’s made by boiling sugar in a candy syrup, then cooling it into giant, crystalline chunks. Rock sweet is a staple in Chinese language delicacies and generally utilized in Center Jap, Indian, and different Asian cuisines.

Some check with rock sweet by its confectionary identify, rock sweet, however this rock sweet is a lot extra. Every rock of this sugary stuff has a barely much less candy taste than the identical quantity of granulated white sugar and since rock sugar will be melted in scorching or chilly liquids, it is an awesome possibility for a beverage sweetener. This crystal can convey candy depth to lemonades, soups, sauces, juices and extra. Probably the most most popular means to make use of it in China is so as to add it to all forms of teas and soups.

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Historical past of sweet sugar

This sweetener has royal roots. The method of creating sugar sweet was found by a Chinese language monk throughout the reign of the Tang Dynasty, an imperial household that dominated China between 618 and 907 AD. The unique sugar sweet making course of was used till the Ming Dynasty period when granulated sugar grew to become the norm.

The unique selection was made by boiling syrup that comes straight from sugar cane. The syrup was poured over bamboo shoots and right into a container to chill till crystalline sugar shaped. This early model was often known as “sugar frost”. This traditional model is carefully associated to right now’s yellow rock sweet.

There’s additionally proof that aside from Chinese language cooks, there have been Islamic confectioners within the Center East creating boiled sugar that cooled into sugary crystals. This has been recorded as early because the ninth century. In India, cooks made misri, one other granulated sugar. Right this moment, the crystalline number of rock sugar is most popular within the Center East and India, whereas Asia prefers the yellow number of rock sugar.

Rock crystal sugar (单晶冰糖, sugar cubes)

Granulated sugar is a quite common and simple to seek out number of granulated sugar. It’s mild to white in colour and virtually appears to be like like salt. The grains are fairly comparable in dimension, about 5cm vast and excessive. Rock crystal sugar is made out of refined granulated white sugar. Its translucent colour comes from this white sugar. White sugar produces a pure sugar taste with barely much less sweetness than granulated sugar. Granulated sugar works nice in drinks, but it surely lacks the depth of taste wanted for some savory dishes. Granulated sugar is a good candy snack for a fast style of one thing candy!

yellow rock sugar (多晶冰糖, Polycrystalline Sugar)

Yellow rock sweet can vary from amber to vivid yellow. These crystals additionally range in dimension; from the dimensions of tiny pebbles to rock-sized items, many types will be discovered.

Yellow rock sweet will get its colour from the opposite components it incorporates. Yellow rock sugar is made the identical means as granulated sugar, solely much less refined forms of sugar are used. This kind is probably nearer to the unique “sugar jelly” as a result of it’s made out of a purer type of sugar cane. Yellow rock sweet has a deeper taste, making it excellent for conventional savory dishes like Hong Shao Rou.

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Is rock sweet more healthy than common white sugar?

Many individuals imagine that rock sugar is more healthy than white sugar. However there isn’t a scientific proof for this. They’ve very comparable well being advantages and downsides as a result of they arrive from nearly the identical place.

The way to retailer sweet sugar

Correctly storing rock sweet is crucial to sustaining its high quality and lengthening its shelf life. It needs to be saved in an hermetic container in a dry, darkish and funky place. They are often saved for as much as 1 12 months within the good situation. Warmth, mild and humidity can shortly degrade the standard of sweet sugar, so it’s important to not place it close to a warmth supply, in direct daylight or close to a damp setting.

The way to use rock sweet

Drinks and drinks
Sweet cane will be loved in so many scrumptious and sudden methods. This candy deal with is scrumptious by itself, however it may remodel dishes into advanced connoisseur masterpieces! Add a little bit granulated sugar to chrysanthemum tea for a standard sip. Granulated sugar is a wonderful sweetener in cold and hot drinks, however the true culinary powerhouse is yellow sugar.

Savory Braised Dishes

A stunning variety of savory dishes name for yellow rock sweet. It’s usually utilized in broths like pho and braised meat dishes like braised beef. It really works wonders in marinades that function daring salty flavors like soy sauce and fish sauce for stability. Yellow rock sweet is adept at enhancing the richness of meat dishes, equivalent to pork or duck, for instance crimson braised dishes together with crimson braised pork stomach, crimson braised ribs and crimson braised rooster wings .

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In candy soups

Rock sweet is the perfect sweetness for wholesome candy soups. Mung bean soup, crimson bean soup, white mushroom soup and plenty of others name sugar sweet as sweetness.

After reflexion

Rock sweet is an historic and scrumptious option to fulfill your candy tooth, so attempt utilizing it in your Chinese language cooking and you will get essentially the most genuine Chinese language flavors.

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