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In China, you possibly can typically see queues of individuals shopping for steamed pork stuffed buns from bamboo steamers as an early morning breakfast. Shanghai’s very good steamed buns are additionally baked and served in bamboo steamers. As a traditional cooking instrument for Chinese language households, bamboo steamers are usually not solely used for cooking luscious buns, dumplings and a wide range of Cantonese dim sum, but in addition utilized for steaming rice, greens, fish and meat.

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What’s a bamboo steamer?

Bamboo steamers are produced from pure bamboo, which is peeled and divided into pretty skinny bamboo strips with a thickness of 5-6mm. The bamboo strips are then woven by artisans and with different refined procedures, a home made bamboo steamer could be accomplished. It isn’t simple to be taught the talents to make bamboo steamers, that are thought of an historic people artwork in China.

A bamboo steamer consists of a domed lid and bamboo steamer baskets. You possibly can solely use one steamer basket or you should utilize a number of baskets collectively on the identical time. Stackable multi-level design permits completely different parts to be cooked concurrently. The dish that wants extra time to steam ought to be positioned on the highest layer.

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Completely different sizes of bamboo steamer

Bamboo steamers are available in many various sizes, starting from a 4 inch diameter mini steamer to a 12 inch diameter mannequin. You could contemplate the dimensions of the steamer as this can decide how a lot meals you possibly can prepare dinner without delay. For instance, a 4-inch steamer can maintain two or three small dumplings or buns, whereas a 12-inch steamer can maintain dozens at a time.

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How one can cope with the bamboo steamer after receipt

After receiving a brand new bamboo steamer, there are some remedies that should be completed prematurely. The steamer should be steamed effectively with none contents to take away the uncooked style and yellow coloration.

  1. Wash the bamboo steamer completely with lukewarm water.
  2. Put together a wok and add an acceptable quantity of water to the wok.
  3. Place the bamboo steamer within the wok and ensure the water has simply reached the underside of the bamboo steamer.
  4. Put the lid on and warmth repeatedly for about quarter-hour.
  5. Take note of the quantity of water within the wok and add water in a well timed method to stop the sting of the bamboo steamer from being burned.
  6. Then, wash the steamer once more with lukewarm water, drain it fully and retailer it effectively for the subsequent use.

The above remedies for the brand new bamboo steamer are aimed toward eradicating the yellow liquid within the bamboo. After that, you should utilize the distinctive cooking instrument to arrange a steamed dish.

How one can arrange a bamboo steamer with completely different gear

To arrange a steamer, we want two items of kit.

A wok, a frying pan, a pot

A bamboo steamer can’t be used by itself however should be paired with a wok, skillet or pot. First that you must select an acceptable dimension bamboo steamer to match your cooking instrument. It’s endorsed that the interior diameter of the bamboo steamer ought to be 3cm smaller than your cooking instrument. Subsequently, the bamboo steamer could be firmly fastened on the cooking instrument.

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When cooking with a bamboo steamer, you must also use a liner. Earlier than cooking, a liner ought to be positioned within the steamer basket, which may stop meals from sticking to the steamer basket, particularly when making dumplings or buns. You’ll find that the liners are normally spherical in form and are principally made from cotton, paper and meals grade silicone. Cotton liners and silicone liners are reusable. When utilizing cotton liner, that you must immerse the liner in water for some time first, then wring it out earlier than cooking.

Along with the generally used kitchen liner, the recent leaves can be used because the liner for the bamboo steamer. For instance banana leaves or lotus leaves.

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Take note of the quantity of water

Within the technique of cooking, you additionally want to observe whether or not it’s crucial so as to add water. Additionally, keep away from eradicating the lid regularly, which can leak steam and extend the cooking time.

How one can clear after use

After utilizing the bamboo steamer, it is best to wash the steamer baskets and lids completely with heat water. Then preserve them individually to air dry.

After that, it ought to be air-dried and saved in a cool place to stop mould. Keep away from direct daylight to keep away from deformation.

Cooking with a bamboo steamer

use bamboo steamer to steam rice

In comparison with rice cooked by rice cooker, rice cooked by bamboo steamer is far softer and has recent bamboo perfume. You should utilize the bamboo steamer to steam rice, sticky rice and different grains. It’s fairly simple so that you can use bamboo steamer to steam rice. First you rinse the rice, then prepare dinner the rice for about 5 minutes in boiling water, then put the rice within the steamer basket to steam for about quarter-hour. Rice with this therapy is tremendous fluffy and nice for fried rice. We name this type of steamed rice “沥米饭”, which suggests rice with out additional starch.

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One other solution to steam rice is to steam soaked rice. This can be a widespread technique of cooking sticky rice, also called sticky rice. Soak the rice in clear water for 3-4 hours, then steam it immediately in a steamer with a liner.

To make use of A bamboo steamer for steaming dumplings

Bamboo steamers are the optimum cooking instrument for steaming dumplings. With no condensation water shaped within the bamboo steamer, the dumplings can preserve a good condition and embrace the pure perfume of bamboo. It solely takes 15-20 minutes to steam dumplings with a bamboo steamer.

use a bamboo steamer to steam greens

Greens corresponding to carrots, corn, potatoes, candy potatoes, yams, broccoli, and so forth. can all be steamed and you’re going to get an oil-free food regimen. Earlier than steaming greens, it’s higher to chop them into appropriate sizes and shapes to make cooking extra environment friendly.

Some greens could take much less time to steam, corresponding to broccoli and purple cabbage, nonetheless, others corresponding to potatoes or yams could take longer. This manner, you possibly can prepare dinner greens that require extra time at first, and after a couple of minutes add different greens which might be simple to prepare dinner.

Use bamboo steamer to steam buns

The bamboo steamer is the final word instrument for making conventional Chinese language steamed buns. This historic system has been utilized in Asian nations for hundreds of years and has been praised for its superior properties. A bamboo steamer is produced from pure supplies, which signifies that not one of the scrumptious flavors of the buns shall be contaminated or altered by harmful toxins. Furthermore, it could possibly add a slight aroma of bamboo.

Bamboo steamers are nice for making buns and dumplings as bamboo steamers are capable of soak up extra moisture to stop condensation water from amassing on the lids . In any other case, the water on the lids will fall on the floor of the buns, which can affect the shapes and flavors of the meals.

Listed below are some dishes you possibly can attempt making with bamboo steamers.

  1. Sichuan steamed pork
  2. Xiao Lengthy Bao
  3. Chinese language steamed buns
  4. Steamed Sausage Buns (Lop Cheung Buns)
  5. Lo Mai Gai (glutinous rice steamed in a lotus leaf)
  6. Steamed duck crepe
  7. Chinese language sugar buns
  8. Doushabao – buns with purple bean paste
  9. Black sesame buns
  10. Char Siu Bao
  11. Steamed inexperienced onion buns
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